Basic Minimum Standard

Using the Code of Excellence as a basis, the following criteria have until now been used as entry requirements for membership (as per the current application form). In future, the highlighted points will constitute the Basic Minimum Standard of the existing IFBSO Code of Excellence compliance with which is required for admission as Silver Member.

The organiser will make available the:

  • entry rules for exhibitors
  • rules governing allocation of space
  • rules governing the operation of any waiting list
  • details of the allocation appeals system

The organiser will inform exhibitors that:

  • products on display must comply with the construction/ manufacturing standards in the country where the show is held
  • where EU regulations apply, exhibitors must comply with these

The organiser will:

  • provide full details of costs for technical services and compulsory additional costs payable to the organiser
  • provide details of charges payable to a contractor or identify the contractor for exhibitors to approach for details
  • provide details of attendance and net space sold in accordance with the standards and definitions published by UFI
  • publish audited attendance figures and state the auditing bodies
  • take active measures to promote boating at public shows

The IFBSO Committee will expect that:

  • the exhibition is well organised and professionally presented
  • the exhibition is of national significance
  • exhibits include a wide range of international products
  • the organiser takes an active part in developing the boating market and bringing new participants into boating
  • the main part of the exhibition must consist of marine goods
  • the exhibition must be of commercial nature
  • the exhibition must have been in existence for at least three years
  • the organiser must make attendance figures available for prospective exhibitors and sponsors and make clear within their printed material how such figures are arrived at

The IFBSO Constitution requires every organiser of a Member Show:

  • to send one representative to Congress at least every three years

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