Membership Application Process

Any application for membership must be made by completing the IFBSO application form and submit it to the Secretariat, who will process the application and, if appropriate and practicable, make arrangements to visit the applicant and make a report to the Executive Committee.

The joining fee for new members is GBP 1,000.00 (sterling), to be paid on application, of which 50% is to be returned if the application for membership is not accepted.

The Secretariat will consult members in the country of the applicant and will also consult ICOMIA before submitting an application for membership to the Executive Committee for consideration.

The Executive Committee will assess the application and decide whether to put it forward to the membership for consideration.

Candidate Members will be assigned a Mentor and undergo a three-year mentoring programme after which time the Executive Committee will decide on acceptance of the Show Member into one of the higher membership categories.

Applications for membership as Platinum, Gold or Silver Members will be put to the membership and the Executive Committee will invite the applicant to make a presentation at the next Congress.

The final decision on whether to accept an organiser/exhibition into membership will be made by a meeting of IFBSO members at Congress.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome at Congress and, if successful, will become members with immediate effect.

A new member must send a representative to the first Congress after admission into membership, and thereafter must send a representative to Congress at least every third year in accordance with the IFBSO Constitution.


Upcoming Shows

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Upcoming Shows 28th September - 01st October Auckland On Water Boat Show